ESAREM is a premier company for buying your excess and obsolete inventories of Electronic Components.
We have spent over 28 years managing excess inventory solutions to provide a broad range of services to OEMs, EMSs, CEMs and trading companies worldwide.
In an intensely competitive industry, Esarem has consolidated its position by extending its reach and presence globally. We help you keep your fingers on the pulse of an ever changing technologies market.
Esarem has offices and warehouses in:
We have more than 50,000 sq feet of warehousing capacity. We stock nearly 2 billion active and passive electronic components. Our reliability stems from not only a strong inventory management but a robust and stable logistics system.
We stock inventories worth more than USD 50 million at our
multiple warehouse facilities.
Esarem buys and sells all types of Integrated circuits, Diodes, Transistors, Memories, Microcontrollers, Inductors, Capacitors, Connectors, Mobile phone parts, LCD panels, Bluetooth parts,
Relays, LEDs, Computer Mother Boards etc.
ESAREM’s commodity specialists help you assess the right value of your inventory so that you make a more well-informed decision to sell, consign or hold your excess electronic components.
We can buy your EXCESS, remit payments and arrange for
shipping, within 48 hours
Global reach
Multi-cultural and multi-linguistic understanding
Sourcing flexibility
Extensive experience
Customer focus
Financial strength